A Historical Look At Sexually Transmitted Infections

Some of this article can be seen from this reference: http://www.news-medical.net/health/History-of-Sexually-Transmitted-Disease.aspx

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STDs have been around for thousands of centuries; the main reason that we have so many of them today is because historically they were completely unknown.  The fact that nobody knew what they were meant that everyone went without getting them treated and no doctors spent their time trying to figure out how to stop their spread.  This led to thousands of years of humans sleeping with each other with no protection and this rapid amount of promiscious sex ended with diseases traversing the continents, ending today on every continent on planet earth.

history of sexually transmitted diseases

Two of the most common diseases back in the 15 and 1600′s was syphilis and gonorrhea.  It has been said that crew members of ships got the diseases while they were on voyages with none other than our lord and savior christopher columbus.  Apparently, destroying the land upon which they found and decimating the local natives wasn’t enough for columbus and his crew, they needed to rape the females as well.  Although most diseases historically haven’t had disastrous consequences on those they infect, syphilis has been known to traverse the body and end up in the brain in spinal chord causing major damage and mental breakage + halucinations.  It was even documented in some extreme cases that when syphilis got to the brain of certain individuals their speech was severely slurred due to it messing with the neurological wiring of the brain.

sexually transmitted diseases over time

Today, you can walk right into a clinic on almost any major street corner.  STD’s are so prevalent that literally every single blood lab will take your blood and money and tell you in 48 hours whether or not you’re infected.

Historically speaking, doctors treated diseases with mercury, arsenic, sulphur and other precious metals.  In 1900, the invention of penicillin and other medicines ended up changing the way that doctors treated not only sexually transmitted diseases, but also bacterial infections in general.

One major reason why STDs spread so quickly and thoroughly even after we knew what they were is that they carry a social stigma with them such that sufferers are afraid to seek treatment for fear of being judged.  Instead of going to the hospital and having the doctor or hospital workers know that they were infected with STDs, many people chose to simply ignore the disease in hopes that they would go away, and ended up infected their loved ones and people they slept with as a consequence.  It wasn’t until the later 1900′s that we truly recognized the importance of paying attention to who we had slept with and in what order.  It soon became common practice for one person that was infected to be ordered to tell all of the individuals he or she had slept with about the infection in order to help prevent further disease spreading.

Today, one of the major problems that we face is that children younger and younger are sleeping together and catching and spreading diseases.  Children as young as 12 or 13 are beginning to have sex at this age and unfortunately a lot of times it’s not always with other children their age, instead with 16 or 17 year olds who spread the diseases to them.